Sunday, June 12, 2011

Writing About Insurance

I've always been a writer. I never thought I'd spend more of my time writing about insurance than anything else.

But that's what I'm doing these days.

After spending 36 years working in the insurance industry, I've found myself doing the thing I enjoy most (writing) while focusing on something I know well and enjoy very much (insurance).

I presented a CE course  at the NAIW convention in Las Vegas last week. I developed and wrote the course and I was asked by NAIW to also provide them with the introduction the facilitator would read when introducing me. When I called myself a "self-proclaimed insurance junkie" I was being serious. The audience, however, laughed. (I guess that's because most people don't find insurance the least bit interesting, let alone fascinating.)

If you like insurance--really like it, why don't you write about it? Submit articles to insurance publications, start a blog, send out newsletters to your clients.

Let me tell you, there's plenty of room out there for people who know their stuff and can write. The world of insurance is extensive and none of us knows everything. Your perspective may be just what a number of other insurance professionals need to hear to facilitate a better understanding or appreciation of a particular type of insurance--or our industry in general.

Here are links to some insurance publications:
Then again, you can always try writing insurance courses--which is largely what I do. Many national, regional, and local insurance education and pre-licensing firms are looking for quality writers who know about insurance. Check them out!